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In this exclusive virtual event, John Lee, along with a hand-selected group of subject matter experts in business and wealth creation, will be sharing their latest tactics and tools to help you navigate for business and wealth creation particularly in today's rapidly evolving business world, where learning has become more crucial than ever before.

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Internationally renowned Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker, and Mentor.

Over the last two decades, John has been generating wealth through multiple streams of income and is highly passionate about helping others do the same. John became a self-made millionaire by the age of 27 through real estate investing and building various multiple seven figure businesses. John, advises existing and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses to the next level. John’s portfolio companies consists of some of the top tech based and Web 3.0 companies.


Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneurs & World's #1 Business Mentors

Kane and Alessia are among the most impactful business mentors on the planet – having reached over 3 million business owners online, and 600,000 offline. Their award-winning strategies cover key business aspects such as business strategy, marketing, sales, leadership and technology. Since 2006, Kane & Alessia along with Industry Rockstar’s Dream Team has travelled to 32 countries, delivered over 2000 presentations and trained over 3 Million Business Owners and Entrepreneurs (and Launchers) to align their passion and vision. Always sharing their wider-ranging business experience and highly effective strategies Kane and Alessia are among the most highly sought-after business mentors.


Self made multi-millionaire, Investor, and Successful Entrepreneur

Darren Winters is a self made multi-millionaire investor and successful entrepreneur. He is the number one attended investment speaker in the UK having personally trained over 150,000 people. He has given talks at the top exhibitions and investment events, including the Investors show in London, The Private Investors show in Birmingham, the and London Business Show. He teaches both fundamental and technical analysis and how they can be applied to different investment time frames. His training programs have won multiple awards.

What you will Learn by Attending this Summit

  • Develop essential skills and mindset for navigating the evolving landscape of business and wealth creation
  • Navigate existing as well as new tried and true money making opportunities
  • Harness the power of AI and various other business tools to maximize profits
  • Discover the fundamentals of business and how to optimize your business
  • Integrate AI into your strategic business plans to drive growth and innovation
  • Leverage top performing business trends
  • Stock and share trading insights
  • Prompt engineer AI tools (the most critical component to master when using certain AI platforms)
  • Scaling your business to multiple 7 figures
  • Mitigating risk in your business
  • Streamline business operations, introduce automation and improve efficiency within your organization
  • Elevate marketing techniques to enhance customer engagement and ultimately boost sales
  • Make informed decisions in wealth creation and the management of it
  • How to develop multiple streams of income to generate more revenue

About John Lee Goup

In today’s day and age - we are no longer secure solely relying on one form of income such as a salary. Recession, inflation, higher interest rates, company downsizing, health challenges and other unforeseen circumstances that might make us unable to work put us at risk of living a life of financial struggle. 

It is said that the world’s wealthiest people have at least 7 streams of income or more. This is why we’re so passionate about bringing you various ways to make more money. We want to open your eyes to options and opportunities that are available to everyone. In this Wealth & Business Summit, John and friends will be sharing cutting-edge ideas, tools and strategies that will show you how to scale your business and increase your wealth to ultimately create financial abundance and a safety net that we all need.

At John Lee Group - our ultimate goal is to help people FIND THEIR FREEDOM -  time freedom, location freedom and ultimately financial freedom.

Why John Lee wants to help you!

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“Using John's mentoring I was able to sell a property for £185,000 and get 5 investors to invest in my company. This is a unbelievable result. Thank you John”


“Thanks to John's LinkedIn strategy I was able to make an extra 150,000 for my audio and events business. Thank you John you changed my life!”


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